7 Exercise methods that can achieve good results at home

1. Squat

Squat is a whole-body training exercise. It can train the thighs, buttocks, hind thigh muscles, etc. It can help us shape the lower body line, thin legs, raise buttocks, improve leg muscle power, and it is also very helpful for weight loss.


1. Separate your feet, slightly wider than the width of your shoulders, and extend your toes.

2. Raise your head and chest and abdomen, keep your waist and abdomen straight.

3. Raise your hands flat in front or as shown in the picture.

4. When squatting down, the knees slightly exceed the toes. The degree of separation of the knee joint should be consistent with the degree of separation of the feet.

5. In the process of squatting, first push your hips back, and then lean your upper body forward.

2. Push-ups
Push-ups are a very classic, basic, and effective upper-limb strength training method that can exercise arm triceps, chest muscles and other muscles.


1. The body is in a straight line and all parts should be straight.

2. The closer the arm is clamped to the shoulder, the more you will exercise the inner chest. On the contrary, the greater the distance between the arms, the more you will exercise the outer chest muscles.

3. The movement must be slow and the range must be in place to achieve a good training effect.

3. Seated V shape leg swing
Exercise parts: leg quadriceps, abdominal muscles


1. Put your hands next to your legs, don't use force, use the strength of your abdomen and legs to swing your legs.

2. Do not lean back too much.

3. Be careful not to hold your breath while swinging your legs.

4. Lift your toes as much as possible to enhance the stretching effect of the quadriceps.

4. Open and close jump
Junping Jack (Junping Jack) is a widely used HIIT action, which is very effective as a warm-up or to burn fat.


1. Jump your legs outwards and bend your knees naturally. The distance between the legs is slightly larger than the shoulder width.

2. When jumping back inward, bring your feet together and slightly open your toes.

3. The take-off and jump-back control should be strong, and ensure that the toes touch the ground first.

5. Bow and arrow squat jump
This action can help plasticity of the hips and legs, and the fat burning efficiency is also very high.


1. When jumping out, the knees should be bent 90 degrees with the front legs.

2. Do not exceed your knees over your toes.

3. The center should be a little bit off the heel.

6. cross the two ends
The classic exercise of rectus abdominis can exercise your upper and lower abdomen at the same time.


1. Don't use inertia to complete the action quickly, make sure that the action is completed under control.

2. Straighten your legs as much as possible.

7. Poppy jump
One of the most classic movements in freehand training, combined with push-ups, squats, jumping and other movements, can exercise more than 70% of the body's muscles, can help burn fat and shape, and also have a great help in improving cardiopulmonary function.


1. Keep your abdomen tight during the action.

2. The more you do more at once, the better.

3. Don't collapse when doing push-ups, keep your body straight.

How long do you exercise every day?

The above exercise methods belong to HIIT. Good results can be achieved by selecting 4-5 exercises a day for 20-30 minutes of training. Note that the parts of the exercise every day need to be different, because muscle growth is not carried out during exercise. Instead, it undergoes growth and metabolism during repair. After exercising a part, do exercises more than 24 hours apart to give your muscles plenty of rest time.


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