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Lisa C.

Very stable, works great

Reviewed in the United States on November 27, 2021

Verified Purchase

The product is great once you get it set up. But the instructions left out very important information for putting it together. Turns out you can't expand it with the red caps in - although the instructions say to put those in. I only discovered the solution by watching youtube videos. Once I took the red caps out it turned just as it should. You only put them in once it's positioned to lock the bar in place.



Saman Hosseini


durable, easy to install

Reviewed in the United States on November 13, 2021

Verified Purchase

this product has exceeded my expectations. its much more durable than i initially thought. it uses friction to hold your weight. that makes it much easier to install without requiring you to drill holes into your walls. the price seems fair. i would suggest using gloves for it since it can be quite painful to your skin the first few times, specially if ur new like me. im 200 lbs so the fact that it can pull my weight and stay put using only friction is very impressive engineering design of the product. im sure it can do much more than 200 lbs though. the build quality is amazing. the only part of the device that is made of plastic is the friction pads, the rest of the device is solid metal. make sure to not install it on dry wall though.



William A Woodward IV


Best pull up bar I've ever used

Reviewed in the United States on November 19, 2021

Verified Purchase

I really like this bar compared to pull up bars I've used previously. The bar is minialistic yet sturdy while offering a lot of versatility as you can do more than just pull ups with it. Its easy to reposition quickly so you can lower or raise the bar within the door frame with a twist after unlocking it by sliding the red locking discs out of the way then back when you want to relock it. I've done this to do inclined pushups and combined it with resistance bands for even more ways to workout. I'm getting a lot of use out of it that's for sure. I've included pics to compare to other bars I've used.


Kathleen M


Amazing construction, quality sturdy pull up bar

Reviewed in the United States on November 5, 2021

Verified Purchase

Amazing construction, sturdy pull up bar. Easy to set up. Just make sure the dots on each of the red locking pieces are lined up with each other and face inward so they can actually lock the bar in place. The tightening mechanism is nice and doesn't require too much force to use. When it hits the right spot, the bar is strong and I don't have any concerns putting my whole weight on the bar. I'm happy I found an alternative to those pull up bars that hang from the top of the door frames because those always leave dents and scare me in terms of their stability. This one is perfectly locked in place when set up and I don't have any fear that it's going to move on me while I do pull ups! Great product, definitely one of my favorite pull up bars I've used. I think this is the best bang for your buck pull up bar in terms of quality and price.





Great quality and sturdy pull up bar!

Reviewed in the United States on January 12, 2022

I have been using this pull up bar for a month so far and it has exceeded my expectations. It has held my weight 165lbs with no issues, and is very easy to install and remove. The cushion grip is comfortable to hold on to and helps with preventing calluses. Great for using it with my gymnastics rings as well. I only wish that the grip area was a bit wider though.





Exceeded expectations. Would highly recommend.

Reviewed in the United States on February 22, 2022

Verified Purchase

This is easily the best pull up bar I’ve ever used. I used to have a standard bar that hinged on a door frame, but those ones have a few problems. They leave marks and indents on the frame, they prevent you from being able to ever close the door without taking the bar down, and they’re bulky and awkward to ever store/transport. This bar solves all those problems.
Installation was a breeze, and if you’re a renter it’s great because there’s no drilling required which is a big reason why I chose this. I was concerned at first about how sturdy it would feel, but after a few months and a lot of use I’m happy to report that it’s not going anywhere. The grip is also very comfortable. This is definitely more expensive than other bars you’ll see, but it is WELL worth the extra money and I’m glad I got it.
My only “complaints” are that the red attachments on either side that prevent the bar from rotating are a little loose sometimes so you need to be conscious about checking on them and making sure they haven’t slid off. And I can’t speak to the long term structural effects that this will have on your frame/wall, since this is applying a lot of outward force. But regardless it’s a great product and I’d highly recommend.





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