Pull up bar for door is safe for use?

We have made a lot of unique designs for the user's use safety, so there will be no safety problems in normal use according to regulations. But we still need to pay attention to the following 4 points, which will make your use safer.

1. When installing this pull up bar for door, choose a solid and flat support surface as much as possible, so that it can be absorbed more firmly. If there is dust, wipe it off first. Try not to choose an uneven or easily worn support surface, as the support points will continue to loosen during use.

2. Be sure to tighten the stick as much as possible, and let your hand screw it in a state of relatively high friction. Reinforce after every 2-3 sets to prevent the possibility of loosening.

3. My own weight is 75kgs, and I did perform well when doing pull-ups. It felt firm and no problem. However, it should be noted that, stabilize your body as much as possible, and do it with standard movements, that is, do not swing your body and throw yourself up. Wave-style pull-ups will cause great damage to the stability of the stick.

4. In any case, make sure your legs are under your body so that you can stand still in the event of an accident. I just collapsed the stick when I was doing a hanging leg raise myself, and the result was that my waist directly hit the ground when I fell. The installation method of this thing has caused it to have certain security risks. Please keep vigilance during use.


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