3 minutes to take you to quickly understand the surfboard

If you have learned to surf, how much do you know about the surfboards you use?

Today, I will take you three minutes to quickly understand the types of surfboards.

1 FOM Suferboard

Foam board is a kind of long board, also called teaching board. The general length is about 9 feet. Foam board is usually suitable for novice teaching. It is usually wrapped with foam on the outside, whether it is buoyancy, friction or stability. Higher, less damage by impact, very friendly for beginners, and high safety.


The general length is about 8-10 feet in length, and it is divided into two styles: Newschool and Oldschool. Oldschool is generally a single tail fin, and the head and tail are generally wider, suitable for small and medium waves. more elegant. Newschool generally has three tail fins, the head and tail are relatively narrow and can do relatively more movements. The material of the longboard is generally resin + glass fiber, the buoyancy will be smaller than that of the foam board, but it is more flexible to use, suitable for all ronin and beginners to advance.


The general length is about 5-8 feet, between the long board and the short board, and there are usually three tail fins. Like the name, FUNBOARD, a board that can make junior and intermediate ronin feel more fun. Compared with the longboard, the medium board is more difficult to paddle and catch the waves, but it is more flexible after the wave, which is suitable for surfers who want to transition from the longboard and adapt to the shortboard.


The general length is about 5-7 feet, and it is more difficult to start than the longboard, usually 3-5 tail fins. Compared with the medium and longboard, the buoyancy is smaller, and the difficulty of catching waves is also higher. The basic skills of paddling are very solid, and the surfers who already have deep surfing experience. The short board can do more difficult movements, and it is more flexible. It can dive, and after the wave, you can turn around on the wave wall, turn, throw water, and even fly 360. Generally, international competitions are dominated by short boards.


It belongs to a type of short board. It is called a fish board because the tail is slit and looks like a fish tail. However, it will be shorter and wider than the short board, so it will be relatively easy to paddle and catch waves, suitable for small and medium wave conditions, and suitable for surfers who want to transition from a long board to a short board.


The general length is about 7-12 feet, and it is generally used for surfing large waves. The gun board allows them to have a faster stroke speed to chase the waves in the big waves, while ensuring the flexibility of the waves, and at the same time, it has enough stability to control the big waves.


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