9 things you can't do after fitness

9 things you can't do after fitness


Fitness training can not only exercise your body, but also help you release the pressure in your life and work, and get a healthier body and physique. However, fitness training also needs to pay attention to methods, if you blindly fitness, it is easy to fall into fitness mistakes, so that fitness becomes hurt.

So what are the minefields that need to be avoided after fitness?



Do not stretch after working out

Some people are not used to stretching and relaxing body muscles after fitness, but neglect stretching training after fitness. Muscles are easily congested, muscle recovery efficiency will be poor, and soreness will last longer after training. Stretching after fitness can relieve congestion, slow down the appearance of muscle soreness, and make muscles fuller and more elastic. The correct method is: After fitness training, we need to perform a set of static stretching to relax the body muscles and promote muscle repair.


Squat and rest immediately after working out

You will inevitably get tired after fitness training,But many people throw away their equipment once they finish exercising So I squatted aside to rest.

Thinking about improving training ability after recovery


Actually, exercise will speed up the blood circulation of the body If you squat and rest immediately after you stop exercising Will hinder the blood circulation of the lower limbs.

Not only does the muscles fail to rest and recover But it also makes the muscles more fatigued


The correct suggestion:

Adjust breathing rhythm after exercise and do stretching exercises

Helps to encourage blood from the limbs to return to the heart

Accelerate the recovery of physical fitness and eliminate fatigue



Drink plenty of water after fitness

Exercise often makes people sweat profusely

Especially in summer, with the consumption of a lot of water

After exercise, there is always a feeling of dry mouth and an urgent need to drink water


But drinking a lot of water at this time will increase the body’s perspiration

Lead to the loss of salt in the body and easily cause muscle cramps

Moreover, excessive drinking will increase the burden on the heart

The correct suggestion:

Drink small amounts of water many times



Blow air-conditioning / take a cold shower after fitness

The blood vessels on the surface of the body dilate during exercise,

Increased body temperature, dilation of pores, increased perspiration,


If you walk into an air-conditioned room or take a cold shower immediately after exercising,

It will tighten the skin and block sweat and cause physiological dysfunction such as body temperature regulation,

Immune function declines and causes colds, diarrhea, asthma and other illnesses.

The correct suggestion:

After exercising, you should wait for the body surface temperature to return to normal

Blow in cold wind or shower

Or rinse with water close to body temperature



smoking after fitness

Smoking after exercise will cause the air inhaled into the lungs to be mixed with a lot of smoke


Not only reduces the oxygen content in the air, it is not conducive to eliminating body fatigue

It can also cause the air in the body to exchange, causing insufficient oxygen supply

Causes chest tightness, wheezing, difficulty breathing, dizziness and fatigue.


The correct suggestion:

Quit smoking or avoid smoking before and after fitness



Eat immediately after fitness

During exercise, the nerve center is in a highly excited state

Under its influence, the parasympathetic nervous system that manages the activities of internal organs

Will strengthen the inhibition of digestive system activity


At the same time, during exercise, the blood of the whole body is redistributed,

Most of the blood is concentrated in the limbs, the digestive organs are weak,

After exercise, the peristalsis of the gastrointestinal tract weakens,

The secretion of various digestive glands is greatly reduced,

If you eat in a hurry,

It will increase the burden on the digestive organs and cause dysfunction.


The correct suggestion:

After fitness, rest for 30-40 minutes and eat



greedy for cold drinks after fitness

After exercising, the body will concentrate blood supply to the muscles and body surface

The digestive system is still inhibited and energy supply is low


Eating cold or frozen beverages at this time will cause strong stomach irritation

Easy to cause gastrointestinal cramps,

Abdominal pain, diarrhea, and induce gastrointestinal diseases


The correct suggestion:

Replenish room temperature boiled water or salt water several times in a small amount



Drinking after fitness

Drinking alcohol after exercise will make the alcohol enter the blood faster


The damage to internal organs such as liver and stomach is more serious than usual

In the long term, it will induce fatty liver, cirrhosis and other diseases


The correct suggestion:

Water is the best supplement after exercise



Eat sweets after fitness

Maybe many people feel that they consume a lot of energy during exercise

I want to eat sweets later to replenish my energy

But eating sweets after exercise will consume a lot of vitamin B12

Affect physical recovery and increase fatigue


The correct suggestion:

Replenish appropriate amount of carbohydrate and protein powder after a short exercise break


Fitness must be built on the basis of science and system

Otherwise it will be counterproductive in the end

It took time and hurt my body


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