What is the difference between cordless skipping and rope skipping?

I believe everyone is familiar with the sport of skipping rope. I still remember that when I was a child, I started to learn skipping rope, and the rope kept hitting my feet. The sour taste is still fresh in my memory. Don't laugh, it is estimated that many people are similar to me and have beaten their own feet. What I'm going to talk about today is a skipping rope without a rope. You don't have to worry about hitting your own feet or throwing others. This is ropeless skipping.

Rope skipping is a traditional and novel sports skipping rope. It can record your skipping times, skipping time, and the calories you consume during exercise, so that we can always understand our exercise situation. There are also countdown, countdown and other modes to choose from, allowing you to change sports.

Now let's introduce the ropeless skipping rope. In simple terms, ropeless skipping is a method of skipping rope without a rope. Connect a heavy object with a short rope on the handle, hold the handle with both hands, and shake both hands, feeling like skipping rope.

The advantages of cordless skipping

fat burning. Some data show that skipping rope can effectively burn fat, and insist on exercising to achieve the effect of body sculpting. It is a good choice for partners who like to stay at home.

Sports venues are not restricted. Because the ropeless skipping rope does not have a long rope like the traditional skipping rope, there are basically no requirements for the sports field, even if it is at home, you can still exercise. Here is a painful experience of mine. Once at home, I jumped twice with a traditional skipping rope, and it was thrown into the headlight of the living room. The result can be imagined. Clean up the glass slag, and finally scolded.

Sports injuries are small. Rope skipping is an aerobic exercise suitable for most people. It can burn fat and enhance the coordination of the body, which is not easy to cause sports injuries. Compared with some sports, skipping rope is safer.

more scientific. The cordless skipping rope can record your skipping times, skipping duration, calories burned while skipping rope, etc., so that you can keep track of your exercise situation and make your exercise more scientific.

Movement sound is small. There is no contact between the rope and the ground, and the movement sound is relatively small, so there is no need to worry about complaints from the neighbors downstairs.

Second, the difference between cordless skipping and traditional skipping

Appearance. The traditional skipping rope everyone knows that there is a long rope connecting the two ends of the handle. The ropeless skipping rope uses a rope to tie a heavy object to the handle, and is not connected with a long rope like a traditional skipping rope.

s. Because the traditional skipping rope needs to swing the long rope, it has certain requirements on the height and width of the sports field. If it is too narrow or too low, the rope cannot be thrown away. Because there is no long rope, there are no restrictions on the sports field, even at home. Of course, if you are in a very crowded crowd, you can't play.

sense of movement. Traditional skipping rope, I believe many people have this experience, they are afraid that the rope will hit their feet or throw others, and it is easy to be distracted. Cordless skipping does not have this concern, so it is more focused when exercising.


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