7 home fitness equipment is enough for the home to practice all over the body

For most people, due to various objective conditions such as the space in the home, it is impossible to arrange the home as a gym with abundant equipment, so I will share the 12 most commonly used household appliances to abuse the whole body and similar equipment. Choose the best as the general principle.

01丨Aerobic equipment
Family aerobic fitness equipment are generally treadmills, elliptical machines, fitness machines, and rowing machines. Choose 1 or 4 out of 4. I personally prefer rowing machines. Treadmills and elliptical machines are good, but I buy treadmills around me. My friends have observed (not necessarily accurate) that only two or three of the 10 people will insist on using it regularly. Most people will use it a few times at first, and then it will slowly fall out. , Or give it away. In fact, this phenomenon is not difficult to understand. Before buying it, it was mainly psychological trouble. I felt that having a treadmill would definitely make me a good figure. However, it was actually affected by the lonely atmosphere at home, coupled with the determination to give up not so desperately for fitness. It's just a matter of time. In addition, if you run at home, there is still the possibility of disturbing the people. Going for a run is actually better. You don’t need a lot of exercise machines. If you have elderly people in your home, you can consider buying them. I think the rowing machine is relatively practical. In addition to violent rowing, you can exercise your upper and lower limbs, waist, abdomen, and back muscles. It can also be used for abdomen suction, which is relatively interesting and suitable for all ages. The key is that it does not take up much space compared with other devices.

02丨Yoga Mat

Strictly speaking, a yoga mat is not considered a device. At best, it is an auxiliary device, but it is also an almost indispensable equipment for home fitness. With a yoga mat, you can do all kinds of exercises with bare hands or with a ball. For ground movements, various plank supports, etc., yoga mats mainly play the role of strong air permeability, effectively blocking the ground cold, strong grip and anti-skid force, etc., which are helpful to human skin and training safety.

03丨Yoga Ball
If you have a yoga mat, you can equip it with a yoga ball. As a core training fitness equipment, the yoga ball can help you practice all over your body. With the yoga mat, you can do yoga ball buttocks, yoga ball flats, yoga ball push-ups , Yoga ball curls, etc., using the yoga ball can also do turning movements, squatting movements, etc. The yoga ball movements seem simple, but many movements that need to control balance are difficult to complete without a certain core foundation. .

Regardless of whether it is a gym or a home, dumbbells are undoubtedly one of the indispensable equipment. Compared with barbells, the advantages of dumbbells are that they are more space-saving, safer and more convenient, and dumbbells can be called all-round fitness equipment. The waist, shoulders, back, chest, upper and lower limbs can be practiced with almost no dead ends. Generally, the cost of a complete household dumbbell rack is not very high. You can start with a few hundred yuan. If it is better, it may cost more than a thousand. The dumbbell bench is almost perfect.

05丨Sit-up board

Most people buy sit-up boards to do sit-ups, but most people’s sit-up posture is actually wrong. This also caused the most primitive abdominal abuse exercise to be coldly treated. Abdominal exercise is very popular in various apps and gyms. In fact, it is not that you cannot do sit-ups. As long as you master the posture essentials, it is still one of the most effective exercises for the abdominal muscles.

The correct sit-up posture is to lie flat, with your knees curled up to about 90 degrees, and your back close to the supporting surface. With the strength of the abdomen, the head and upper body slowly leave the supporting surface. The recovery process is also slow and do not completely return to lying down. The body is at about 15 degrees to the ground. The most critical point is also the mistake of most people. The point is that during the process, hold your hands behind your head, which will cause huge pressure on your neck. The correct way is to gently lift your hands to the ears, or put your hands on your chest.

In addition to sit-ups, the multi-functional supine board can also perform more actions. For example, a supine board equipped with a drawstring can also be used as a supine drawstring, and the one equipped with a spring can also be used for spring assistance. Oblique and reverse curls are all good exercises for waist and abdomen.

06丨Abdominal Wheel

Among the home fitness equipment or the street Kinder, the abdomen wheel is undoubtedly the most commonly used equipment and symbolizes strength. The abdomen wheel has a great test on the strength of the waist and abdomen. For beginners, it is recommended to start practicing in the kneeling position. After a certain foundation, you can try to stand against the wall and then slowly get rid of the dependence of the wall. After you have mastered the essentials and achieved a certain degree of control, you can challenge the feet together and the inclined abdominal wheel at a high position, and even challenge more difficult postures. In the daily fitness process, I usually use 10 groups as a group, and each time 4 groups are used as one of the exercises to abuse the abdomen.

07丨 Elastic Band

Elastic bands are also called resistance bands, which are very suitable for household use. According to the strength of the elastic bands, it can be said that men and women take it all. To a certain extent, elastic bands can replace dumbbells for arm flexion and extension, as well as curling and training legs and shoulders. However, most people buy elastic bands for a while. I am afraid that not many people insist on using them. One is the fixed elasticity of elastic bands. It is not easy to adjust, and the body feel is definitely not better than dumbbells, ropes and other gym equipment, but after all, it is for home use. As long as you master the skills of force, it can be regarded as a high-quality equipment.


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