6 things to note for novice fitness

There are many problems to pay attention to when novice fitness. For example, choose the right fitness trainer and choose the right fitness program. Dudu sports has compiled six fitness precautions for your reference.

1. Put down your mobile phone! Don't exercise while playing with your mobile phone. The time between each set of exercises should not be too long, and the energy during exercise should also focus on the muscles you exercise. Playing with a mobile phone will distract you, and make the time interval between each set of actions longer, which reduces the training effect.

2. Learn the skills first before getting heavier. The most difficult part of fitness is not to challenge the weight that you can't lift, but to ensure that the posture of each set of movements is correct so that the relevant muscles can be properly trained. If you forcibly aggravate it, in addition to making you "leverage" and skew the force to the muscles you don't intend to exercise, it may also cause you to be injured.

3. Do not do too many sets of the same set of exercises. Muscles are not mechanical. After gravity training, muscle tissues also need time to grow. Doing too much will cause muscles to strain "contractors", and the gains outweigh the losses.

4. Don't just train the upper body and neglect the lower body. When you exercise the lower body, you can stimulate testosterone, make your muscles grow faster, and accelerate your metabolism. Those who exercise the lower body at the same time will gain muscle faster than those who only exercise the upper body. And if only the upper body swells up, but the feet are as young as toothpicks, they don’t look good, right?

5. Don't just practice the chest and not the back. The back makes a person look thicker and can "support the chest muscles". If you only train the chest muscles and not the back muscles for a long time, it will cause hunchback over time.

6. Do regular aerobic exercise "Aerobic exercise" because it consumes a lot of physical strength, so that it can strengthen physical fitness, improve heart and lung and health, and increase the basic metabolic rate of the individual. It is more effective to help, and at the same time enhance your endurance during fitness.


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