How many kilograms is the best fit for girls to use dumbbells for thin arms?

How many kilograms is the best fit for girls to use dumbbells for thin arms?

Dumbbells are a very good exercise for exercising arms, but if you want to achieve the effect of thin arms, you need to choose the right dumbbell. The weight of the dumbbell is particularly important. Let's take a look below.


The weight of dumbbells for lifting dumbbells and thin arms needs to be selected according to their height and weight. Generally, it is more suitable for girls with a weight of about 20rm. This weight of dumbbells has a good body shaping and fat reduction effect.


Strictly speaking, if you want to thin your arms by lifting dumbbells, there is no uniform requirement according to each person's different height and weight status. Generally speaking, 1-5RM tends to increase absolute strength, 6-12RM tends to develop muscle volume, and 15RM or more is for training muscles. endurance. If your dumbbell fitness purpose is to gain muscle, do the relevant dumbbell exercises 8RM to 12RM every day, each exercise is about 3 to 8 sets; if your dumbbell fitness purpose is to shape your body, do the relevant dumbbell exercises 15RM to 20RM every day, each Do 5-6 sets of each movement. For women, it is generally more suitable for a weight of about 20RM, and 20RM is biased towards body shaping and fat reduction.

Maybe many people don’t understand what RM is saying. Generally speaking, girls with thin arms are more suitable for a weight of 2.5kg. You can choose a dumbbell of 1.5-3kg according to your own situation. If you want to have a beautiful line through strength exercises, then choose a weight that will be exhausted by doing 8-10 times. Repeat three sets of each action. This kind of exercise is the best way to do this exercise. At the lightest level, use a 5-pound (approximately 2.5kg) female-specific, baby-shaped dumbbell less than 2.5kg. Jumping exercises are more suitable. It's not suitable for line training. You can only make the meat a little tighter. The arm is close to the body, and the fat will still be exposed.


How do girls lift dumbbells to thin arms


1, dumbbell curl

Maintain a standing posture and lift the dumbbells from bottom to top to the position of the ears. Pay attention to the use of arm strength. Repeat this movement slowly from bottom to top 15 times. The arm will feel sore at the beginning of this movement, so it will be effective if you stick to it, but the amount of exercise at the beginning can be adjusted appropriately.

2, dumbbell side lift

Maintain a standing posture with your feet shoulder-width apart. Spread your arms on both sides of your body to do flat lifting of the upper and lower dumbbells, moving slowly, adjust your breathing to follow the rhythm to raise and lower the dumbbells.

3, dumbbell rowing

This action is a bit like our running arm posture. Lean forward and move the arms back and forth between the sides of the body. Dumbbells must be worn throughout the trajectory, giving a feeling of rowing.

4, dumbbell crank

Raise the dumbbells with both hands over the head, and lean back as far as possible from the top of the head. This action can exercise the muscle strength of the arm, making the arm look more beautiful and more powerful.

5. Dumbbell circle

Stretch your hands forward and stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Draw a circle with both hands, and draw a circle outward 20 times. Draw the circle inward 20 times. To draw a circle, you don't need to draw too much, use the strength of your arms inste


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