Why can't I do pull-ups, how can I practice them instead?

Why can't I do pull-ups, how can I practice them instead?

The first reason is that your grip strength is insufficient, and your hand cannot grasp it, so you feel powerless when you do two or three. This is not only the fundamental reason why everyone likes to do it fast, but it is not enough to slow it down; it is also the reason why most people can only do 1-5.

The second is your lack of muscle strength. Pull-ups are a relatively complex movement that requires forearms, forearms (mainly the biceps, but also the triceps), back muscles (including latissimus dorsi, obliques, circles, triangular rear bundles, and other deep muscles), the specific force is determined by your posture. Except for the trapezius, these muscles are rarely exercised by ordinary people.

The third is lack of skills. Pull-ups are a skill item, especially swings. A lot of skinny kids can do 10 or more with no effort at all with agile swings.

The fourth is the problem of weight, but in the final analysis, it is still lack of strength. Many fitness professionals weigh more than 80, 90 or even 100 (kg), and pull-ups are still slippery.

Then talk about how to increase the number. In fact, needless to say, is to practice for the above four aspects. Grip strength training, including grab bars, grips, wrist curls, twisting towels, etc. Build muscle with various variations including pull-downs, curls, and more. Practice skills, do more, you can do three now, you can do three sets, ten sets a day, your progress will be more obvious. Finally, control your weight and lose fat. As fitness enthusiasts, we are all used to doing standard pull-ups at a slow speed, that is, the body does not swing during the whole process, and the center of gravity remains vertical and stable. At present, I can only do a dozen or so with the help of the belt. However, my physique is very poor. I haven't exercised since elementary school, and I've never failed in sports, so you should be better than me when you practice.


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