6 points for novice jumping rope

6 points for novice jumping rope

Everyone knows that skipping rope is the most efficient fat-burning training. Compared with running, it has the effect of leveraging. Ten minutes of jumping is equivalent to 30 minutes of running.

But if you don't want to get hurt, or jump thick, this article must be read. Not only can learn the correct skipping posture, but also avoid injuries caused by skipping.

1. Time to skip rope

When we are skipping rope, it is best not to skip rope before meals, because skipping rope before meals will cause the blood to flow to the skeletal muscles, which is not good for digestion. It is also not advisable to skip rope immediately after a meal, because strenuous exercise after eating will affect the function of the intestines. We can exercise 1 hour before and 1 hour after the meal.

2. The choice of the best Jump Rope

Material of skipping rope: It is recommended to buy wire skipping rope, because it is wear-resistant and durable, suitable for any road surface, whether it is a concrete road or an asphalt road. 

The design of the handle connection: The bearing must be selected. The connection of the traditional skipping rope handle is fixed. If the skipping rope is shaken at high speed, it will be easy to knot, and it will also cause you to trip or draw yourself. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a bearing design.

3. Adjust the length of the skipping rope

Fold the skipping rope in half, step on the center with your feet, and hold the skipping rope handle. The height to the chest is the most suitable length for you.

4. Choose the ideal skipping venue

When choosing a rope skipping location, we should also pay attention to it. It is better to choose a softer ground, which is better for our feet. Don't jump rope on uneven and hard ground, because the soles we wear are relatively soft, so we must choose a place to skip rope when we skip rope.

5. Before jumping rope

you need to warm up enough to stretch the muscles of the whole body and reduce the chance of muscle injury. At the same time, avoid leg cramps and even strain the leg muscles.

Open and close jump

The first jump: Stand up jump, open your feet wider than the width of your shoulders, high-five your hands to the top of your head, stretch your elbows as far as possible and clamp on both sides of the head, and at the same time, pull your body up as hard as you can stretch.

Second jump: After jumping, bring your feet together, retract your hands on both sides of your thighs, still stretch your body upwards, and keep your back straight.

Two jumps are a complete action.

High leg up

Stand upright with your back, look forward, touch the forefoot to the ground and raise your legs quickly alternately, like running in place, and try your best to raise your legs.

Keep your balance, and swing your arms vigorously with the rhythm of raising your legs, from slow to fast.

Always keep your body's center of gravity. If you encounter the center of gravity, you can slightly reduce the amplitude of the leg lift to maintain balance.

6. Prepare before skipping rope

Hold the handles of the skipping rope tightly with both hands, so that you can control the skipping rope just right, and avoid getting loose.

It is easy to get injured by grasping the front or back half of the handle.

When skipping rope, you must remember to relax your shoulders, tuck your abdomen first, and your forearms will naturally go down vertically. During the jump, the strength of your wrist drives the entire skipping rope, so as not to make your arms sore quickly. .

Use the least amount of strength to jump a longer-lasting rope.

In the process of skipping rope workout, bend your knees slightly and land with the forefoot. You must jump up and down vertically. Avoid jumping back and forth. Jumping your heels too high will cause damage to your knees.

Don't pursue too much speed and quantity. First jumpers can start with 500 and develop their own exercise habits first.

Wait for the body to adapt to the amount of exercise, step by step, and gradually increase the difficulty and duration of skipping.


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