Detailed explanation of the five basic movements of kettlebells

Among the training equipment, kettlebells are useful tools. Of course, if a person uses kettlebells for a long time, it will also help people a lot, but many people do not know what the five basic movements of kettlebells are, mainly kettlebell squats, Press up, push-up-high pull, single-leg deadlift, and anti-gravity deadlift. So let's take a look at the five basic movements of kettlebells.

1. Kettlebell squats

Hold down the handle of the kettlebell and place your feet slightly shoulder-width apart. Squat down until your hips are parallel to your knees and elbows inside your knees, then stand up.

2. Push up

Hold the kettlebell in both hands and bring it close to your chest, keeping your back flat and your weight evenly distributed over your feet, and squat down until your elbows are close to your knees. Then stand up with your legs outstretched and your arms straight to raise the kettlebell while keeping your eyes on the kettlebell.

3. Push-ups - high pulls

With the kettlebell on the ground, we start in a standing position. Place your hands on either side of the kettlebell and step or jump into a push-up position; next, jump your feet back to the outside of your hands, grab the kettlebell, then stand up and bring the kettlebell up to your chin, keeping your elbows Taller than a kettlebell. Then slowly lower the kettlebell to the ground and repeat.

4. Single-leg deadlift

Lunge forward with your left leg, straighten your right leg and push back, press your heels on the ground, hold the kettlebell with your right forearm and hang down to the ground, support your left elbow on your left knee, hold the kettlebell with your hand and pull it backward until Hip position, hold the right upper arm parallel to the ground, then slowly lower back to the starting position and repeat. After completing a set, switch to the other side and repeat the above actions.

5. Anti-gravity deadlift

Let's start with a push-up, but with a kettlebell in each hand and feet slightly shoulder-width apart. Alternately pull the left kettlebell back, and if you're a pro at exercise, add push-ups as you lower the kettlebell. It is very important to keep the balance in this movement.


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