How to store inflatable surfboards, there are 5 points to note

1. How to store?

Do not place the inflatable surfboard where it might get too hot or too cold,

The recommended storage temperature for the board is between 5°-45°.

2. Should the inflatable surfboard be inflated or deflated?

It doesn't matter whether it is inflated or deflated.

If you want to keep it inflated, you won't have to re-inflate next time you play,

It is recommended to let out a small amount of air, in case the temperature where you store it is too high,

Thermal expansion destroys the seal on the side of the inflatable surfboard, creating an air leak.

3. Will inflatable surfboards get moldy in storage?

Make sure your inflatable surfboard is completely dry before storing.

Before you pack the inflatable board,

Be sure to rinse it off with clean water first.

Then let the moisture dry before folding and storing.

4. Do the fins need to be removed?

If you don't play for a long time,

It is recommended to remove the fins for long-term storage,

It also prevents the improper placement of sharp objects from causing injury to the elderly and children at home.

5. Can it be placed in the sun?

Remember, you must not leave the inflatable surfboard in the sun for a long time.

First, the sun's ultraviolet rays can discolor inflatable surfboards;

Secondly, the temperature of inflatable surfboards will increase under long-term exposure,

Causes rapid expansion of gas and air, exerting excessive pressure on glass fibers,

forcing it to peel away from the foam core, causing delamination and cracking,

Especially the black inflatable surfboard is particularly easy to absorb heat.

If the inflatable board is exposed to the sun for a long time, it will also appear bulging and other phenomena.

If you have to put the board in direct sunlight for a period of time, it is recommended to use a reflective bag.


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